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It can be tough deciding which brand of windows to buy. Pay too little and you’ll end up with windows that you’re not truly happy about and they’ll cost you more long term as they won’t lower energy costs and they’ll eventually require costly maintenance. If you buy high priced windows, you’ll pay more than you needed to. So what’s the solution?

Introducing ReplacementWindowDoor.com. They are the first Replacement Windows & Doors in Ontario of their kind that are just as elegant as many of the highest priced windows and Doors on the market yet they actually pay for themselves. Once they’re installed in your home, your home value instantly goes up, which covers your investment in these windows! But it gets better.

That’s because you’ll start saving up to $30 for every $100 you spend on energy bills for as long as you own our Windows and Doors. (Certified by Energy Star.)

But there’s more. As an owner of our Windows and Doors you’ll qualify for both Energy Efficiency and Provincial Tax Rebates.

And since you can get these windows direct from us, the manufacturer, there’s no middleman. This means we pass the savings on to you!

Now don’t let the savings fool you. Our Windows are the only ones on the market that offer Tilt and Turn Windows. Plus our 0.11% titanium in our profile makes our windows the strongest around. We’re so confident you’ll love our Windows that they come with a generous lifetime transferable warranty. There’s one more big benefit:

Our Windows and Doors also protect your home from dangerous UV sun exposure and because of their Edgetech’s Super Spacer; they virtually eliminate condensation, which can lead to harmful mold growth. The only question left is which style of window do you want?

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